Muntebauten Salzgitter

Focus on Residential Real Estate

Our focus is on the acquisition, development and management of residential real estate, particularly in northern and eastern Germany and in Poland since the financial year 2020. TAG Immobilien AG's main locations can be found in the metropolitan areas of Hamburg and Berlin, in the Salzgitter and Thuringia/Saxony regions, as well as in North Rhine-Westphalia.

TAG not only invests in and around large cities but also deliberately invests in medium-sized and smaller towns and cities in order to harness growth potential and opportunities for returns there. Capital spending is focused on the regions already managed by TAG in order to make use of existing administrative structures.

All functions essential to real estate management are performed by our own employees. In addition, caretaker service as well as craftsmen’s service are provided in many portfolios. The rental portfolio comprises inexpensive residential space that appeals to broad sections of the population. The Group’s multimedia and energy services support the provision of utilities to tenants and expand the range of property management services.

In contrast to previous years, absolute growth is no longer a priority for TAG. The key to success is not size but our ability to create value and establish a leading market position in our regions while maintaining our customary high profitability and capital efficiency.

TAG’s market entry in Poland marked a regional expansion of the business model. Poland’s growing rental housing market is characterised by a supply shortage and offers attractive cash yields.

The acquisition of all shares in Vantage Development S.A. served as a platform for this market entry. Vantage is a real estate developer whose headquarters and focus of activity are in Wroclaw in the western part of Poland.

TAG’s medium-term growth target in Poland, i.e. for the next three to five years, is to build a portfolio of c. 8,000-10,000 units. Investments will focus on development projects and new buildings in large cities with a favourable population development, proximity to universities and a well-developed infrastructure.