High Potential for Innovation

Gera lies only 20 kilometres from the Hermsdorf junction, the traffic axis of motorways A9 Berlin-Munich and A4 Dresden-Frankfurt/Main. The population is over 100,000. Modern technology-oriented companies among others, from the areas of medical technology, microelectronics, software development and optics have already established themselves here. This is due partly to the reasonable wage and labour costs, and partly to the moderate land and real estate prices, as well as low supply and disposal costs.

Units 9,732
Floor area sqm 566,356
IFRS book value 12/31/2018 in EUR m 412.1
Inplace yield in % 7.5
Vacancy 12/31/2018 in % 8.1
Vacancy 12/31/2017 in % 8.6
Net actual rent EUR/sqm 4.97
Reletting rent EUR/sqm 5.45
L-f-I rental-growth EUR/sqm (y-o-y) % 2.1
L-f-I rental-growth total (y-o-y) % 2.4
Maintenance EUR/sqm 5.55
Capex EUR/sqm 17.15


as of 12/31/2018