Fresh breeze with strong economic development

The "Northern German Region" stretches from TAG headquarters through Bremen to Wilhelmshaven, north to Schleswig-Holstein and then east over the coastal region of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The economic and cultural centre of this region is the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, with approximately 1.9 million inhabitants, the second largest city in Germany. The attractiveness of Hamburg as the booming region of the north is evident in, among other things, the constantly increasing population. Additionally, more than half of the households are single households. Hamburg's strong increase in the number of households, the relatively low level of building activity and the low vacancy rate ensure a continual surge in rents.

Units 7,072
Floor area sqm 434,917
IFRS book value 12/31/2018 in EUR m 486.2
Inplace yield in % 5.8
Vacancy 12/31/2018 in % 4.2
Vacancy 12/31/2017 in % 4.0
Net actual rent EUR/sqm 5.67
Reletting rent EUR/sqm 5.93
L-f-I rental-growth EUR/sqm (y-o-y) % 4.0
L-f-I rental-growth total (y-o-y) % 3.1
Maintenance EUR/sqm 11.42
Capex EUR/sqm 6.32


as of 12/31/2018