Hanseatic city on the upswing

Rostock is increasingly developing into one of the most popular tourist cities in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The DekaBank city rankin,g which examines 39 cities with poulation of over 200,000 inhabitants, puts Rostock among the best C cities (centres of regional siginifcance). This trend also explains the obvious influx into this Hanseatic city on the Baltic Sea. At this time, Rostock has approximately 208,000 inhabitants.

Units 5,617
Floor area sqm 336,399
IFRS book value 12/31/2018 in EUR m 325.6
Inplace yield in % 6.5
Vacancy 12/31/2018 in % 3.0
Vacancy 12/31/2017 in % 3.2
Net actual rent EUR/sqm 5.42
Reletting rent EUR/sqm 5.76
L-f-I rental-growth EUR/sqm (y-o-y) % 1.6
L-f-I rental-growth total (y-o-y) % 2.1
Maintenance EUR/sqm 5.89
Capex EUR/sqm 14.28


as of 12/31/2018