At TAG, each employee works independently - but not alone

Each employee knows our Company’s objective and together, we work to achieve it. At TAG, every activity is valued and contributes to the Company’s success. We encourage our employees to take personal responsibility and support everyone to actively contribute their efforts and ideas.

Employee codetermination is possible by getting involved in the works council, or the Supervisory Board, which includes two employee representatives. We also involve employees in the Company’s further development through workshops and participation in projects. Our collaboration is characterised by respectful, transparent interaction in accordance with rules and regulations.

The diversity of our employees is a source of suggestions and ideas for our further development. We therefore actively promote the exchange of ideas between colleagues with different tasks, and from different generations and backgrounds. We also pay attention to diversity in the recruitment process. This benefits our tenants as well.

TAG attaches great importance to the further development of its employees’ skills. Ultimately, it is not only our employees and tenants who benefit from training and development, but the entire Company. Our employees’ expertise, experience, inventiveness, commitment, and loyalty are the essential basis for our success. We therefore encourage our employees in accordance with their potential. Expanding their professional, social, or methodology skills also contributes to their personal development.

Employee satisfaction breeds employee loyalty. One of the prerequisites for this is a healthy worklife balance. This is why TAG offers a wide range of options for reconciling working, private and family life: Our model of trust-based working hours gives employees the opportunity to design the work-life balance that is best for them. We also offer flexible working hours, part-time work, and WFH (work from home).

To promote the health of our employees and maintain their capacity to work, we motivate our employees to engage in sports activities and to practice preventive health.

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