(Rev: 24 March 2020)


The Corona crisis poses a particular challenge for us all and as a housing company we also hold great responsibility in this regard. This applies above all to our tenants and our employees.

We want to offer our tenants a secure home and efficient service in this difficult situation. The health of our employees, who are currently providing outstanding service and are committed to our customers on a daily basis, must be protected as they go about their daily work. The social commitment that we have been putting into practice for years in many of our residential portfolios is more important than ever during this time.

We are monitoring current developments continuously and adapting our actions accordingly. The following points will guide us during this time:

Tenant service and availability

In order to protect our customers and our employees, we closed our tenant offices to the public on 16 March 2020. However, our service is still available by phone and e-mail. Our own caretaker service ensures the safety and cleanliness in our buildings and the immediate surroundings. We assume that with the support of our established network of craftsmen we will be able to continue carrying out all necessary repairs without delay. Where possible, we will also be using our own staff.

Protection of our tenants

We are aware of our special responsibility in dealing with our tenants’ homes and therefore voluntarily undertake to refrain from implementing any rent increases on the basis of adjustments to local comparative rents, terminations due to loss of income because of the Corona crisis and corresponding evictions of inhabited apartments during this period.

Our receivables management teams have always seen themselves as debt advisors with the goal of helping tenants who are in arrears with their rental payments so that they can continue living in their apartments. They also offer options for paying rental arrears in instalments as well as deferral arrangements during this period and can provide help in applying for government assistance.

Protection of our employees

We have significantly increased the availability of flexible working times, including outside the office, and have allowed risk groups and colleagues with childcare needs in particular to work from home at an early stage. Our company intranet provides information on hygiene and protective measures. We are proud of the degree of prudence and commitment that our employees are showing in this situation. At the same time, they are observing the applicable hygiene rules and thus also protecting our customers.

Our social commitment

For us, social commitment in our large residential portfolios is a matter of course, which is why we have been supporting various “active meeting points” for senior citizens as well as children’s and youth facilities for many years. Even though these are currently closed, we remain in contact with our social partners to organise help for our tenants. We are also initiating neighbourhood help by arranging for information to be posted.

We are particularly concerned by the fact that precisely those people who are already the most in need stand to suffer the most. We have therefore contacted various aid organisations, such as the local food banks, in order to provide additional help without any bureaucracy.

We will keep you informed about further developments on our website. Take care of yourself and your fellow human beings and stay healthy.

On behalf of TAG Immobilien AG


Claudia Hoyer                   Martin Thiel                       Dr. Harboe Vaagt