Our path to tomorrow

In our sustainability strategy we consider the economic, ecological, and social repercussions of our business activities across the entire value chain. We understand sustainable corporate development as a holistic system that enables positive interactions.

One of the greatest challenges at present is affordable housing that is nonetheless climate-friendly. To ensure its availability, we will continue to develop our portfolios with a sense of proportion. We believe that housing should be affordable for every one of our tenants. By practicing efficient modernisation, we make an effective contribution to climate protection on the one hand, while not exceeding our tenants’ budgets on the other.

With our entry into the residential real estate market in Poland, we are now active in the new-build sector as well. So since 2020, our business model has covered the entire life cycle of a property. This entails additional challenges relating to climate and environmental protection, as well as in the supply chain. At the same time, however, it also opens up new opportunities for us to plan buildings sustainably and to incorporate climate protection and resource conservation at an early stage.

We are continuously developing our sustainability strategy. Based on a regular communication with our stakeholders, we compiled the material topics for a sustainable continuation of the Company. The focus is on how TAG can contribute to sustainable development and ensure the Company's long-term success.


Our sustainability targets

By practicing sustainability management, we want to do our part for sustainable business, a society worth living in, and environmental protection. 

Our economic goal
Secure future viability by maintaining and expanding the value of our properties

Our social goal
Continuing our social responsibility efforts and increasing the quality of life in our neighbourhoods; Further increase the satisfaction of our tenants and employees by strengthening the loyalty of both groups

Our ecological goal
Reduce consumption and optimise the use of resources, increase energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions

Details on the goals including the schedule and implementation status can be found in our sustainability report.


Our commitment to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals

At TAG, we consider it part of our corporate responsibility to contribute to the implementation of the SDGs. We have focused on the following areas: