Unlocking potential

TAG Immobilien AG is one of the largest private residential real estate companies in Germany. Sustainable action forms the basis of our business strategy – it is the prerequisite for the secure future of our Company.

TAG defines sustainable business development as a holistic system that facilitates positive synergies. Our sustainability strategy therefore takes into consideration current developments such as demographic change, the climate change, and technological progress. We also consider the economic, ecological, and social repercussions of our business activities across the entire value chain.

One of the greatest challenges at present is affordable housing that is nonetheless climate-friendly. To ensure its availability, we will continue to develop our portfolios with a sense of proportion. We believe that housing should be affordable for every one of our tenants. By practicing efficient modernisation, we make an effective contribution to climate protection on the one hand, while not exceeding our tenants’ budgets on the other.

To compare our results over a multi-year timeline, and to review and present developments according to objective criteria, we systematically document our sustainability strategy as well as our targets and activities once again in accordance with the internationally established GRI Standards. 

This year for the first time, the Sustainability Report contains a detailed table of key indicators for the various areas of sustainability. In addition, various adjustments have been made to focus on action areas, and the material issues were reweighted in our materiality matrix.

Our sustainability targets

By practicing sustainability management, we want to do our part for sustainable business, a society worth living in, and environmental protection. 

Our economic goal is to secure our future viability. To this end, we want to maintain and, if possible, increase the value of our properties. Our aim in this is to ensure a positive earnings trend for our stakeholders.

Our social goals include further increasing the satisfaction of our tenants and employees. In this way, we seek to increase loyalty among both groups. Another focus is on continuing our community involvement and improving the quality of life in our residential neighbourhoods.

In matters of ecology, our goal is to consume fewer resources, optimise the use of resources, and increase our energy efficiency. We contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions with environmentally friendly portfolio management.

To achieve these goals, Strategic Real Estate Management has drawn up a plan with targets and measures for each action area. The relevant business figures and quality indicators are evaluated monthly at senior management level. Team leaders and employees are then involved based on this.

A summary of our principles and guidelines for sustainability can be found here.