DGAP-DD: TAG Immobilien AG english

Notification concerning transactions by persons performing managerialresponsibilities pursuant to section 15a of the WpHGDirectors' Dealings notification transmitted by DGAP - a company of EquityStory AG.The person with duty of notification is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.------------------------------------------------------------------------------Details of the person subject to the disclosure requirementLast name: FlintFirst name: ErhardCompany: TAG Immobilien AGPosition: Member of a managing bodyInformation about the transaction with duty of notificationDescription of the financial instrument: ShareISIN/WKN of the financial instrument: DE0008303504Type of transaction: BuyDate: 10.12.2008Price: 1.785874Currency: EURNo. of items: 41933Total amount traded: 74887.07Place: XetraExplanation for publication:2700 Stk zu 1,79 EUR = 4833,00 EUR3300 Stk. zu 1,79 EUR = 5907,00 EUR7300 shares for 1.78 EUR = 12994.00 EUR3333 shares for 1.79 EUR = 5966.07 EUR2700 shares for 1.79 EUR = 4833.00 EUR10000 shares for 1.78 EUR = 17800.00 EUR2600 shares for 1.79 EUR = 4654.00 EUR10000 shares for 1.79 EUR = 17900.00 EURInformation about the company with duty of publicationIssuer: TAG Immobilien AGSteckelhörn 520457 HamburgDeutschlandISIN: DE0008303504WKN: 830350End of Directors' Dealings Notification (c) DGAP 10.12.2008 Financial News transmitted by DGAPID 8416