Whistleblower system

TAG has a whistleblower system.

Employees of the TAG Group can contact the Compliance Officer if they have any confidential concerns or evidence of compliance breaches. If the whistleblower prefers, contact can be established anonymously via a contact form for the transmission of confidential information.

In addition, it is possible for business partners and other third parties to submit evidence of any serious compliance breaches.

For this purpose, these persons can contact the Compliance Officer of the TAG Group at compliance(at)tag-ag.com.

If direct contact is not desired, information can be submitted to Dr. Alexander Raif,
GreenGate Partners Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
Friedrichstraße 186 | 10117 Berlin
at the e-mail address: compliance.tag-ag(at)greengate.legal
or by calling +49 30 509 32 35 10.

This option is also available to employees of the TAG Group. Dr. Raif will forward any evidence of a compliance breach – including anonymously if requested by the reporting party – to the TAG Group Compliance Officer. Compliance officers and Dr. Raif are not responsible for general complaints or tenant complaints and are unable to accept such matters.