Outstanding qualifications – assembled intelligently and effectively deployed

In the management and development of our holdings, we rely on both a regionally decentralized organisational structure and flat hierarchies. Our entire housing inventory is managed in-house by TAG employees. Direct management of the portfolio takes place in the so-called "LIM" areas (LIM stands for leader in real estate management). A specific, regional real estate portfolio is assigned to each area. Standardized work processes such as, for example, accounting, the invoicing of additional costs and rent increases are done at the central offices for reasons of synergy. This ensures an efficient organization that allows operational management to fully concentrate on its core functions. Beyond that, TAG works on a modern ERP platform, which digitally networks all locations and employees.

All functions essential to real estate management are performed by our own employees. In addition, caretaker service as well as craftsmen’s service are provided in many portfolios. The rental portfolio comprises inexpensive residential space that appeals to broad sections of the population. The Group’s multimedia and energy services support the provision of utilities to tenants and expand the range of property management services.

At the end of financial year 2023, TAG Immobilien AG - including trainees, caretakers and cleaning personnel -  1,816 employees in Germany.