Basic Data

For a quick overview of the TAG share profile:

Share capital 146,498,765 EUR (as of 31-Mar-2019)
Stock market ticker symbol TEG
Type of stock Bearer ordinary shares
ISIN DE0008303504
Transparency level Prime Standard
Indices MDAX, German CDAX Performance, Prime All Share,
Prime Financial Services, Classic All Share, DIMAX, EPRA  
German securities code number 830350
Designated sponsor Oddo Seydler AG, Frankfurt/Main
Stock exchange all german stock indices including Xetra
Paying agent Bankhaus Gebr. Martin, Göppingen

Market capitalisation

Year Value
2016 1,840
2017 2,303
2018 2,917

Share price track record

  2016 2017 2018
HIGH (in EUR) 13.15 16.06 21.32
LOW (in EUR) 9.85 12.19 14.86
Closing price (in EUR) 12.56 15.84 19.91