Our ecological projects

Renovation projects


In the middle of the old town of Döbeln, we are developing an extensive renovation project that will result in 40 new 1- to 5-room apartments. As an efficiency house, the renovated building ensemble "Wohnterrassen an der Pferdebahn" will meet the climate and sustainability requirements of the future.

Mobility projects


In Gera, we started operating an automated e-minibus called "EMMA" with cooperation partners. EMMA drove through our neighbourhood for the first time in 2020, shuttling our tenants between their apartment, the supermarket and the nearest possible public transport connection.

KIMI - free e-car:

In the Lusan district of Gera, we launched another pilot project in 2022. "Small, Intelligent, Mobile, Innovative": For six months, young people in the neighbourhood could borrow the small e-car free of charge.


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