Business Partner Codex

Business Partner Code of Conduct of TAG Immobilien AG and the TAG Group

Where the masculine form of specific words is used in this Business Partner Code of Conduct, this always refers to both male and female persons.


1. Preface

Long-term business relations based on transparency and fairness as well as the observance of mutual contracts and obligations are of crucial importance for the TAG Group’s successful and sustainable business activities.

The purpose of this Business Partner Code of Conduct is to ensure that the TAG Group’s business partners also conduct themselves in accordance with all applicable rules and ethical standards and observe the fundamental principles of cooperation set out in this document.

This Code of Conduct applies to all business partners and their employees and forms a binding component of every business relationship between the TAG Group and its business partners. The TAG Group reserves the right to adapt and amend this Business Partner Code of Conduct if necessary.


2. Compliance with laws and ethical standards

Business partners undertake to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including generally applicable social and environmental standards. They ensure that human rights are respected and human dignity is upheld.


3. Prevention of corruption and money laundering

All statutory requirements for the prevention of money laundering must be observed. The TAG Group does not tolerate any form of bribery or business conduct liable to give the impression of undue influence being exerted on the part of either its employees or its business partners.


4. Occupational health and safety, fair treatment of employees and subcontractors

Business partners undertake to comply with the applicable laws and regulations governing occupational health and safety for the benefit of their employees and to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for them.

All employees work under fair working conditions, illegal or unethical working conditions (e.g. clandestine employment, violence, child labour) are avoided and all forms of discrimination are excluded.

The statutory provisions and agreements on wages and salaries, working hours and holidays for employees and subcontractors are observed.


5. Data protection, confidentiality and avoidance of insider trading

Confidential information and data obtained in the course of the business relationship and joint activities are subject to the provisions of data protection legislation (German Federal Data Protection Act (new) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation) and used solely for authorised purposes and in the agreed manner.

The business partner in question undertakes to refrain from trading in any TAG securities if it becomes aware of any information which would be likely to influence an investor’s decision to buy or sell such securities and which is not generally available to investors and the market..


6. Compliance with antitrust law and the principles of fair competition

Antitrust and competition rules are complied with. All anti-competitive, abusive and unfair behaviour must be avoided.


The most recently amended version of the Business Partner Code of Conduct is published on the Internet at

TAG has a whistleblower system which offers business partners and their employees and subcontractors the opportunity to report  any confidential concerns or evidence of compliance breaches - anonymously if desired.

Contact details for the transmission can be found on the TAG Immobilien AG Homepage at

No breaches of this Business Partner Code of Conduct will be tolerated. Violations may lead to the business partner being excluded from the award of contracts in the future. A proven violation may lead to the immediate termination of the existing business relationship and of the contractual/subcontractor relationship. In addition, TAG AG reserves the right to recover damages in such a case.


Last revised on 1 December 2020