Whistleblower system

TAG has a whistleblower system with various reporting channels that gives employees, business partners and other third parties the possibility of submitting information and complaints to TAG about actual or suspected violations of legal regulations and/or compliance rules.

Complaints about risks related to human rights or environmental risks and any violations of the relevant due diligence obligations under the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG) can also be submitted. The Management Board of TAG Immobilien AG has appointed the Compliance Officer as Human Rights Officer.

TAG’s rules of procedure explain the reporting channels, procedure, responsibilities and confidentiality requirements.

The following avenues are available for submitting relevant information and complaints:

Digital reporting system: https://tag.integrityline.app

By e-mail to: compliancetag-agcom

By letter to:
TAG Immobilien AG
Compliance Officer
Steckelhörn 5
20457 Hamburg

By Telephone: +49 40 38032-184

In addition, whistleblowers also have the option of contacting TAG`s lawyer, Dr. Alexander Raif, GreenGate Partners Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, as an additional reporting channel:

By e-mail to: compliance.tag-aggreengatelegal

By letter to:
GreenGate Partners
Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
Dr. Alexander Raif
TAG`s Compliance Lawyer
Friedrichstraße 186
10117 Berlin

By Telephone: +49 30 509 32 35 10

Whistleblowers can also submit their report anonymously if they wish. TAG employees are also able to make use of a contact form available on the intranet to submit anonymous information to the TAG Compliance Officer.

Unfortunately, questions or suggestions concerning rental contracts, e.g. statements of utility costs, cannot be processed via the whistleblower system. These matters are handled by TAG’s tenant service at https://tag-wohnen.de/mieterservice.

Under the Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG), it is also possible to submit reports to external bodies as an alternative to the above-mentioned internal reporting channels. At https:/www.bundesjustizamt.de/DE/MeldestelledesBundes/MeldestelledesBundes_node.html whistleblowers can find information on the possibilities for submitting an external report. Other external bodies to which reports can be sent include the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (“BaFin”) https://www.bafin.de/DE/DieBaFin/Hinweisgeberstelle/hinweisgeberstelle_node.html and the German Federal Cartel Office https://www.bundeskartellamt.de/DE/Kartellverbot/Anonyme_Hinweise/anonymehinweise_artikel.html. However, it is recommended that whistleblowers contact TAG’s internal offices in the first instance, as this enables reports to be processed directly, efficiently and in full. If you have any questions concerning the reporting channels and the procedure, you can of course contact the Compliance Officer using the contact details set out above.