Supply chain

Climate protection and the energy transition, demographic change and digitalisation are tasks for society as a whole that have a strong interdependency with our business activities. By improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions, we are making a contribution to environmental protection and the fulfillment of climate targets. Our long-term goal is to develop and manage a nearly climate-neutral residential portfolio. Our measures focus on areas of the building shell that we can influence, and on generating heating energy. 

This includes, in particular, the renovation of heating systems and exploiting options for more efficient system controls. We always strive to achieve the best possible cost-benefit ratio. After all, ecological measures have economic consequences for our tenants. Our subsidiary Energie Wohnen Service GmbH supplies a large part of our tenants with energy.

Sustainable resource management has a positive effect on the environment and economic benefits for TAG and our tenants. That is why the responsible treatment of natural resources is anchored in our Company along the entire value chain. Business processes are always evaluated from the point of view of resource conservation and are adjusted if necessary.

In our supply chain we focus on a long-term, trusting partnership. In addition to our business model, our requirements for fair and reliable business practices are summarized in our business partner codex.