Growth to leading residential-for-rent player


Our principle: Building a portfolio of residential properties via own project developments in A cities only. Our focus is on new constructed apartments to address the demand of the Polish population for higher quality buildings.

The Polish residential market is characterized by a supply shortfall in rental housing. It is one of the least saturated residential markets in Europe with an increasing housing gap of over 3.5m apartments. Furthermore, the absolute size of the Polish market, coupled with a rising service sector and favorable demographic development, is supporting our path of growth to become the leading Polish residential-for-rent player.

Development of business activities in Poland

With the ROBYG SA and Vantage Development SA platform, TAG is represented in the six major Polish cities of Warsaw, Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdansk, Kraków and Lodz.

TAG had already entered the Polish residential real estate market at the end of 2019/ beginning of 2020 with the acquisition of Vantage, and significantly expanded its platform in this fast-growing market and substantially accelerated its growth potential with the acquisition of the leading Polish project developer ROBYG in 2022, As a result, TAG is now ideally placed to become the leading player in the Polish residential real estate market in both the rental and the sales segments.

Further information about Vantage Development to be found here.

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Details on key figures in our TAG company presentation.

Portfolio overview map