Hanseatic city on the upswing

With its location on the Baltic Sea and well-developed infrastructure, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania‘s biggest city Rostock is an attractive business location. The Hanseatic city is regarded as a centre for interregional trade, administration, trade shows, culture, education, and services, as well as a growing university town. The newly created innovation centre is intended to further substantiate the economic uptrend.

Units 7,890
Floor area sqm 442,201
IFRS book value 12/31/2023 in EUR m 509,5
Gross yield in % 5.8
Vacancy 12/31/2023 in % 4.8
Vacancy* 12/31/2022 in % 6.1
Net actual rent EUR/sqm 5.81
Reletting rent EUR/sqm 6.36
L-f-I rental-growth EUR/sqm (y-o-y) % 1.7
L-f-I rental-growth total* (y-o-y) % 1.7
Maintenance EUR/sqm 7.31
Capex EUR/sqm 26.54

as of 12/31/2023

* Incl. effects from vacancy reduction