Ecological responsibility

The operation of buildings is associated with a considerable ecological footprint. In Germany, for example, the building sector accounts for around 35 % of final energy consumption and around 30 % of CO2 emissions.1 Our housing portfolio is the basis of our business activity and a major adjustable in addressing these challenges.

With our sustainability management, we want to contribute to sustainable business, a society worth living in and the protection of the environment. To this end, we have defined our ecological objectives as part of our decarbonization strategy. We want to further improve the energy efficiency of our portfolio and thus contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and achieving the climate targets in our building stock.

Environmentally friendly portfolio management also includes the responsible use of resources and the protection of the environment. We pay attention to the use of durable or recyclable materials, the recycling of valuable materials and efficient processes.

1 German Environment Agency (

Bestand für die ökologische Verantwortung