Analyst Recommendations

Here are ratings from experienced analysts who can provide a good picture of the overall mood of the stock market:

Median 27.00
Institution Analyst Recommendation Target price in EUR Date
M.M.Warburg & CO Simon Stippig Buy 28.50 16-Apr-21
Berenberg Kai Klose Buy 27.50 6-Apr-21
Nord/LB Michael Seufert Hold 24.40 1-Apr-21
Barclays Sander Bunck Overweight 28.00 19-Mar-21
Oddo Seydler Manuel Martin Neutral 23.00 18 Mar-21
Commerzbank Tom Carstairs Hold 24.00 17-Mar-21
Kepler Cheuvreux Thomas Neuhold Buy 28.00 17-Mar-21
Jefferies Thomas Rothaeusler Hold 26.00 17-Mar-21
Baader Bank André Remke Reduce 22.00 17-Mar-21
Deutsche Bank Markus Scheufler Hold 20.00 17-Mar-21
Kempen & Co. John Vuong Buy 27.20 17-Mar-21
HSBC Thomas Martin Buy 27.50 15-Mar-21
Societe Generale Marios Pastou Buy 28.60 1-Mar-21
Hauck & Aufhäuser Julius Stinauer Hold 25.00 18-Nov-20
Bankhaus Lampe Georg Kanders Hold 24.00 12 Nov-20
Citigroup Aaron Guy Buy 33.30 23-Oct-20
Median     27.00