Our path to tomorrow

Long before futurologists declared sustainability to be a megatrend, it was on TAG’s daily agenda. As a large housing company, we bear a responsibility to society, and we want to fulfil it. This is only possible if we embrace sustainable conduct. And so, a holistic understanding of sustainability forms the basis of our business decisions. Our aim is to reconcile the triad of economic, ecological, and social interests.

The provision of affordable housing has always been our core business. In this respect, sustainability has traditionally been anchored in our entrepreneurial activities.

Housing is a basic need. As a large housing company, we are aware of our corporate responsibility. We are aware that our actions have an impact on society, the environment, and the economy.

Since 2012, sustainability management at TAG has been directly assigned to the Management Board. In the year under review, the Management Board and Supervisory Board regularly discussed sustainability-related topics.

In our sustainability reports you will find comprehensive information how we assume our responsibility toward society, the environment and our employees.

Responsible corporate management forms the regulatory framework for our activities. For more information please see corporate governance and Compliance.