Our goal: Value enhancement. Our capital: Our employees.

When our employees do well, the company does well too - because the way our teams perform significantly influences the success of our company. Therefore, additional training and the promotion of individual qualifications is a particularly high priority at TAG. In the intense competition for the best minds, we are strongly committed to make it possible for you - beyond our outstanding career opportunities - to have an optimal balance between your personal and professional life.


Work-life balance

How do you balance an exciting professional career and a fulfilled private life? We know that high professional achievement can only be sustained over the long term if there is sufficient opportunity to re-energise and to have time for oneself, friends or family. Therefore, we offer our employees:

  • a flexible, trust-based work schedule model
  • various part-time opportunities
  • family leave for fathers and mothers
  • work from home (in individual cases)


Team Spirit

Success is only possible when we all work together. In order to promote team spirit at TAG, even outside of working hours, we organise a number of activities, such as the annual TAG relay race in September, and, naturally, our big Christmas celebration. These events not only increase camaraderie with one another, they are also simply fun!


Health management

Take care of your body and prevent health problems in a targeted manner! The health of our employees is important to us. One example of this is that we arranged for an extensive and very informative Health Day in November 2015. We also make beverages, such as mineral water, milk, coffee and juice freely available to our employees.


Social Security benefits

Aside from the company pension plan, we offer our employees group accident insurance (on and off the job, worldwide) as well as attractive employee savings plans.


Open company culture

Our employees have many opportunities to contribute creatively to the company. For instance, in our TAG idea workshop, every employee can actively take part in the development of the company. This means that your ideas are heard and also willingly implemented. Beyond that, we place great importance on flat hierarchies, as well as open, friendly and honest communication.


Continuing education/personal development

We are very conscious of the significant role our employees play in our success. Therefore, we promote and support the personal growth of our employees and offer them the following opportunities:

  • Departmental moves
  • Changes of location
  • Partial or full assumption of the costs for continuing education, e. g. Real Estate Expert (IHK)
  • Internal advanced training through specialised departments
  • Various in-house training courses
  • Company-wide Best Practice meetings
  • Paid educational leave for all employees, independent of state laws